If you’ve been raised as a homeschooler, unschooler, or alternative school student, it’s completely reasonable to consider going back to school.

Self-directed learning does not have to take place outside the traditional classroom; it’s about fully consenting to the educational situation in which you put yourself.

If you feel that a traditional school environment might better serve you than the alternative environment in which you were raised, give it a shot. You can always return to your original ways.

The following interviews with life-long unschoolers gives some perspective on the matter.

Emma McCann

23-year-old Emma McCann talks about her decision to leave a life of unschooling to enter a progressive, college-preparatory boarding school for 10th-12th grade.

Nikiah Childs

23-year-old grown unschooler Nikiah talks about being raised unschooled, going back to public school, and then unschooling again for her senior year.

Kevin Snavely

23-year-old Kevin talks about being raised unschooled in Alaska, making the decision to go to high school, and his subsequent world travels.

Lucas Isakowitz

Lucas Isakowitz, a 24-year-old grown unschooler, college graduate, and part-time Alaskan fisherman, talks with Blake about his young life as an unschooler, not learning to read until age 11, his decision to join a large public high school at age 14, the virtues of social adversity, going to college at Penn, and his recent experiences working on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska.

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