Off-Trail Learning is for young people who aren’t satisfied with traditional education and want to blaze their own trails through life.

If you’re a highly independent, creative, or adventurous young person, then traditional education may not be a good fit for you. Instead of following the well-beaten path, you want to blaze your own trail.

Off-Trail Learning shows you every option for taking more control of your education, whether that means:

In the podcast archive (2015-2017) you’ll find discussions with young people who practice self-directed learning and adults who promote it.

Off-Trail Learning is a 100% free website created by me, Blake Boles. Here’s why I made it.

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Having a website with all the information you need to start the self-directed learning path is SO beneficial. I remember looking for something like this everywhere when I started and everything was half-done or required me to go to so many different places to find any semblance of the information I was looking for. Putting it all in one, easily obtainable place is great, and I loved how you address people from all walks of life that may be looking for different things but know that self-directed is the direction they want to go. Really phenomenal.”

—a teenage reader