Interviews with teenagers taking unique paths through the high school years.

Caitlyn Scheel on Convincing Your Parents to Let You Homeschool

15-year-old Caitlyn Scheel talks with Blake about being bored in middle school, wanting to homeschool, and the summer she spent convincing her parents to let her do it.

Milla Von Tauber

18-year-old Milla Von Tauber talks with Blake about explaining yourself as a teenage unschooler, missing high school rites of passage, defining your own version of success, and fitting into the so-called “normal world.”

Amy Milstein, Maya Milstein, and Maddy Platt

Amy and Maya Milstein, mother and 14-year-old daughter of a New York City unschooling family, and Maddy Platt, their 16-year-old friend from Canada, talk with Blake about their day-to-day lives as unschoolers, the advantages and disadvantages of unschooling in New York City, and Maya’s and Maddy’s transformative experiences attending Not Back to School Camp.

Sophia Pink

Sophia Pink, a high school senior in Washington, DC (, talks with Blake about her decision to leave school for 10th grade to self-direct her learning, the ups and downs of online courses, creating a documentary film and mobile app, and staying true to yourself in a world of competitive academics.

Max Colmenares

19-year-old unschooler Max Colmenares and I discuss the different ways that unschoolers and self-directed learners look at the world…and why.


North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens has an inspiring set of interviews and stories from their teenage members and graduates.